Fashion Tips: what colour looks good on brunettes?

Anne Hathaway - The devil wears Prada

Anne Hathaway – The devil wears Prada

Brunettes can wear a much wide range of colours because brown is a neutral colour. Fair-skinned brunettes can wear most bright colours but some rules apply, it depends on skin tone.

Red and green colours suit all brunettes, even fair-skinned ones. If you want to wear red, also take into consideration which shade. Darker haired people should wear the bluer shades of red, (like the wine reds) not the orangey reds.

Brunettes with dark skin look amazing in rich blue, royal purple, also yellows and oranges as those colours look amazing on olive and dark-skinned brunettes.

Brunettes with pale skins should wear the softer shades, baby blues, pinks and soft yellows.

Coloured eyes brunettes can incorporate that colour into their clothes as well if they want to draw attention to their eyes and make them pop.

…Take note of these few simple rules and enjoy your shopping  :-)